Sunday, June 29, 2008

At a critical point in my thought life, a man with whom I attended the same church campaigned for a local government office. This came at the time I had finally accepted it was simply impossible to be a rung in the political hierarchy and also be subject to Jesus the Christ alone.

I wonder if anyone had the heart to tell him it must not have been "God's will" when he lost. I would never have been able to, as I'm sure a slip of the Freudian persuasion would be more likely:

"Aren't Christians supposed to seek God's will beforehand as opposed to observing it afterwards?"

I am rereading Jacques Ellul's Anarchy and Christianity for the third time, but it feels like the first time. It has been a great help to read it on paper rather than on the computer screen. It is engrossing. It makes me desire to pour over the Christian and Hebrew scriptures for hours on end.

I found someone in the Netherlands who had an old interview with Jacques Ellul on DVD. They sent a copy to me in the mail free of charge.

Upon a first viewing I am most drawn in by his proposition that, in the technological society, reflection has been usurped by reflex. But do we want to risk finding ourselves far along the wrong road or guarantee only a short distance of travel down the right one?

Right now my mind is boiling over with new thoughts and ideas. I'm reading poetry. I'm reading prose. I'm looking and seeing. I'm listening and hearing.

I have found the Pole Star of my thought.

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Your Hunger Defines You said...

Wow. I can't wait to hear more of your thoughts and see the video. That's amazing.