Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Every so often I visit YouTube looking for new videos related to Google's Android operating system for mobile phones. In a moment of brilliance I realized there is likely some way to turn my search into an RSS feed, which would allow me to view the search results in Google Reader as new videos go online.

The RSS page link for YouTube directs to this page, which provides information on accessing feeds for a specific user or tag. However, it fails to note that you can use more than one tag in the creation of an RSS feed.

The example from the above link shows that in order to create an RSS feed for the tag 'monkey', the link would be 'feed://'. What the information page doesn't tell you is that for more than one tag, the link is modified to be something like 'feed://'. Tags can be single words only.

The search feed I am using for Google Android videos is 'feed://'.

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