Friday, June 27, 2008

Living alone was one of the most enlightening periods of my life. I became aware of myself in a way that is not possible when living with others. It wasn't simply a matter of learning how to take care of myself; it was much more.

You see, when you live alone you have nobody to blame when there is a mess.
If the dishes are dirty, then you didn't wash them.
If the door wasn't locked when you came home, then you forgot to lock it.
If there's a stain on the carpet, then you spilled something.
If the trash is full, then you filled it.
If the roll of toilet paper is empty, then you neglected to replace it.
If the stereo was left on, then you forgot to turn it off.
If the car is out of fuel, then you used it all.
If there is nothing to eat, then you ate all the food.
If the toilet hasn't been flushed, then you didn't flush it.
If the lid is up, then you didn't put it down.
If the plants die, then you didn't water them.
If something is missing, then you lost it.

I could go on all day like this, but you likely see the pattern.

When you live alone, you become acutely aware of how terrible a roommate you are. If you never live alone, you could live the rest of your life under the delusion that nobody takes note of the little things.

The curse is that once you live with others again, you are better able to spot anything out of place. You remember the condition you left things in so well, that anyone else's mucking about with things is immediately evident.

Usually when Linnea is gone for more than a day, I'll do a little cleaning. I've come to think this is because I believe, subconsciously, that everything is messy because of me. I know this isn't true, but it is much more difficult to point the finger when there is nobody to point at.


Jewell Ertman said...

Are the clean dishes still in the sink?

Your Hunger Defines You said...

I know it's crazy right now but I think I'm in general a little cleaner now that I live with more people. Unfortunately if I'm going to be messy it's probably in my bedroom where you get the brunt of it. Sorry honey!!

Jamesly said...

you're speaking my language Phil,....Portuguese.