Thursday, June 05, 2008

This is not a scientific measure of popular opinion, but I think it is worth noting:

Search results favoring Obama:
"when (barack|obama) (is|becomes) president": 19,700
"when barack obama (is|becomes) president": 1,919
"when (barack|obama) is elected president": 7,490
"when barack obama is elected president": 338
Total: 29,447

Search results favoring McCain:
"when (john|mccain) (is|becomes) president": 416
"when john mccain (is|becomes) president": 274
"when (john|mccain) is elected president": 37
"when john mccain is elected president": 357
Total: 1,084

There are some other searches of interest, but these are the only I completed this evening. Looks like either not many people who support McCain are savvy enough to do it online, or possibly they really don't think it likely he'll be elected.

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Jewell Ertman said...

Obama for president!