Thursday, August 21, 2008

The only thing worse than a smug person such as myself is an Apple fan-boy.

Many G4 (formerly TechTV) hosts and hostesses can be described as such. They've got it so bad that in a recent segment regarding the Google Android software platform for mobile devices the host named Apple's iPhone and RIM's Blackberry as "dominating" the smartphone market.

This is news to me. Last I checked, Symbian was dominating that market by a massive margin. So massive, in fact (65% worldwide*), that one wonders whether the iPhone (7%) or Blackberry (11%) are really worth mentioning. If we're considering their size of market share to be "dominating", then I guess even Linux (5%) is dressed in tight leather and whipping your shackled body while Microsoft's Windows Mobile (12%) puts cigarettes out on the bottom of your feet.

That kind of glaring ommission is initially confusing. After a while it becomes laughable. Give it a few more moments (and possibly take the time to repeat the ludicrous claim) and your credibility has vanished. Congratulations, you are officially a fan-boy.

What erks me most is the hosts inability to present any new information regarding Google Android. Neither new video footage, new specifications, nor new application information. Nill, nada, nothing, zilch. What a douchebag. What a waste of space.

* market share data are from Canalys report "Worldwide smart mobile device market, Canalys Q4 2007"

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Jamesly said...

I was in the coffee shop this morning and about 90% of the laptops in use were trendy