Monday, September 29, 2008

During my high school years I participated in competitive speech. Initially this was because my dad was the coach and I had no real choice. Over time I came to enjoy it, and remained because it pleased me.

Every now and again something pops into my head from those days. Maybe a line from a speech, maybe a joke someone told, maybe just something funny or stupid the team did at a meet.

The latest to come to mind (and to forcibly remain) goes a little something like this:

"Her buns were crammed into her jeans like two big scoops of vanilla ice cream."

At the time I had thought the simile was over the top. Now I'm not so sure. Every day while on my way to class I spot some girl, or more specifically her butt, and think "two big scoops".

If I can't shake a simile with the passage of 10+ years, it must be good.

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