Friday, September 26, 2008

Hooray, Apple! You suck!

The OSX 10.5.5 update breaks network account functionality when connecting to OSX Server 10.4.11. If you are lucky enough to be able to log in using a network account, you cannot access the local Applications or Library folders.

I found this out a tad too late, by which I mean "after I updated all 18 of the computers in the Mac lab at the art department."

(explitives deleted)

There is no way to downgrade to OSX 10.5.4 (unless, possibly, I had Time Machine enabled, which I did not). I have confirmation the problem does not exist in 10.5.4, and only rears its head when you upgrade to 10.5.5.

This kind of bug is what is called a "show stopper", and should never, ever, ever, ever, nevernevernevernevernevereverevereverever be allowed in an official release. Apple should be testing for these things. A LOT. They should be testing so much that all of their employees' bodies ache without ceasing.

It may be a lot to ask that 10.5.5 play nice with 10.2.x, but we're talking about a difference of one major revision which maintained backwards compatibility up until this point.

In summary (expletive deleted) you, Apple. You (expletive deleted) suck. It's time to grow up and learn how software is developed in the real world, not in your (expletive deleted) screwed up universe where only (expletive deleted) aesthetics matter.

(expletive deleted)


Jamesly said...

but phil, they're so darn trendy!

Anonymous said...

at last! Someone else seeing this issue. I'm not going mad!

Anonymous said...

And when you tested this prior to deploying it across your lab...

Oh, wait... you did do the same testing you're griping about Apple not doing, right?

Philip said...


On my OSX server, I opened Remote Desktop, clicked on "Send UNIX Command", and chose the template "Test Update on a Single Computer Prior to Installing it Everywhere".

No, I clicked on the user-friendly "Install REQUIRED Software Updates". If Apple expects *me* to do regression testing for them, I would suggest they change the command to "Royally Hose a Computer".

You are implying it is simply too much to ask that Apple test functionality they alter in a service release. Somehow testing to ensure network accounts still work as expected on two separate versions of OSX server is simply too much to ask.

Aside from your patent Apple smugness, your comment is also useless. Apple has been informed of the issue and does nothing. I, on the other hand, have resolved the issue and posted that resolution to Apple's forums.

Apple still pretends it is a non-issue.

I've seen Microsoft pump out hotfixes in under a day for customers who report issues. I've seen bugs tracked down and eliminated in under an hour in the F/OSS world.

I have yet to see Apple move on anything. That is, unless you're an Apple employee attempting damage control. Hint: that's the wrong way to move.