Thursday, September 04, 2008

Linnea and I could save $30+/month by changing to the cheapest plan Alltel offers and routing our incoming calls through our Google Grand Central accounts.

What are the hurdles?

1) We would have to ignore most (mainly non-network) incoming calls not coming through our Grand Central account
2) We would have to give up text messaging
3) We would have to limit ourselves to 500 total minutes of non-network calls per month (post-merger, Alltel calls to Verizon will be mobile-to-mobile; Grand Central calls are within Alltel's "My Circle")

What are the benefits?

1) All incoming calls could be automatically screened
2) All incoming calls could be automatically routed
3) Every other feature Grand Central brings to the table
4) No more text messaging
5) We would be in a position to switch providers at any time without needing to inform anyone of our phone number changes
6) Money saved ($360+/year)
7) One step closer to freedom from cell phones

So, Linnea, what do you say? I could call Alltel and have this done in 10 minutes.