Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The FCC has approved Verizon Wireless' purchase of Alltel.

The deal will turn Verizon into the largest mobile carrier in the U.S., and something like the 8th largest in the world.
On October 31st the DoJ approved a Verizon/Alltel merger. All that is left is an approval by the FCC, which will involve an agreement through which Verizon must divest certain assets in 100 markets where Verizon and Alltel had overlapping operations. More on that here.

The FCC is expected to vote on the merger today (November 4th).

I'd been thinking about jumping ship to Sprint, but now I have good reasons not to: because Linnea and I still have free Internet access with our phones (due to a totally awesome loophole!) which we would lose through a switch, and because I get something like 25% off Verizon plans and devices as an employee of FedEx.

Even more enticing is Verizon's promise to allow any device from any technology-compatible (CDMA) carrier to be used on their network "in the near future." This is likely the only way you'll see a Google Android-based phone on Verizon, as Verizon opted for exclusive participation in LiMo (the Linux Mobile Foundation, proponents of the LiMo Foundation Platform) instead of the OHA (Open Handset Alliance, proponents of Google's Android).

All that said, I like to keep my options open. Linnea and I haven't been under contract for quite some time now, and the plan is to keep things that way. At least then we can jump ship on a moments notice. We'll bring our own devices, thank you very much!