Sunday, November 15, 2009

Who knew MIDI over IP would be so obscure?

The problem Linnea and I will have moving forward is that we need MIDI, but we also don't want to invest in a new MIDI controller. The MIDISport 2x2 we presently use only has 32-bit Windows drivers, although full-blown 64-bit support exists in Linux.

That's where the other big problem arises. Linnea isn't about to start using Linux, and the state of audio multitracking in Linux isn't quite where it's at in Windows. I'd like to be using something like Reaper in Windows, but with the ability to send and receive MIDI data through the MIDISport. This can only be accomplished by routing MIDI traffic over the network to my laptop.

It took some searching, but I think I've got a working solution. ipMIDI was developed for Windows (at a cost), and a corresponding/interoperaple Linux variant named multiMIDIcast is available for free. ipMIDI costs $70, but the demo will run 60 minutes at a time until purchased.

Possible win?

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