Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ubuntu 12.04, nVidia, Chrome, and Flash Video (YouTube)

Following some recent updates, Flash video playback was no longer reliable in Chrome on Ubuntu 12.04 using several different nVidia drivers (qualification solves all of your problems, at least sometimes). YouTube videos (and possibly others, didn't bother testing) would play for some non-consistent amount of time then freeze. Note, Chrome wouldn't freeze (it would continue to properly render and allow navigation), 'top' and assorted logs gave me no hints, nothing was crashing... video playback would just stop until the page was refreshed.

I cannot tolerate such injustice.

Long story slept-through, it turns out Adobe Flash Player sucks and was the source of all my (first world) woes. Merely switching Flash plugins didn't help (chrome://plugins; as best I can tell, Pepper is a joint Adobe/Google project and is probably mostly Adobe code). My hand was forced; I had to change my lifestyle.

I had to join the YouTube HTML5 Trial.

This will make even embedded content play via the HTML5 player, so long as you aren't one of those crazy types who logs out of websites even when you're using your personal computer.